40 Photos That Will Make You Buy A Ticket To Lisbon

Day by day, Lisbon popularity is increasing. It’s easy to understand why. The capital of Portugal combines several factors that make it a very appealing destination.

Sun, delicious food, narrow and charming streets, breathtaking views with every new step, amazing urban art. Just to list a few examples. To characterise Lisbon faithfully a whole day wouldn´t be enough to describe its essence.

For 5 years I had the privilege of living in this beautiful city. Before saying goodbye I spent two weeks photographing it and gathering my favourites experiences.

Although the true love for Lisbon arises when walking the narrow streets of Alfama or feeling the sun beating in the face on a day that promised to be rainy, I still believe that photographies are the most effective way to be surrendered to the charm of a place and to trigger the urge to visit it.

Do you want more than photos? Click here to read our suggestions of what to do in Lisbon.

#1 Cute yellow trams are already part of the brand image of Lisbon

#2 Vasco da Gama Bridge, seen from Parque Tejo

Parque Tejo, Parque das Nações

#3 Lisbon is the perfect romantic getaway

#4 Praça do Comércio is the most iconic square of Lisbon

Praça do Comércio

#5 Fronteira Palace Gardens

Fronteira Palace Gardens. To read more about this place, click here

#6 This urban artwork intends to recreate an expedition of horses that departed from this place to distribute the mail in the nineteen century

Urban Art, Lisboa

#7  Escadinhas de São Cristóvão (São Cristóvão Stairs)

Escadinhas de São Cristóvão, Mouraria

#8 Ciclopedonal Bridge, Monsanto Green Corridor

Ponte Ciclopedonal, Corredor Verde de Monsanto

#9 Evening at the Champalimaud Foundation

Sunset, Fundação Champalimaud

#10 Campo Grande metro station

Campo Grande Metro Station

#11 Fronteira Palace, one of Lisbon’s best-kept secrets

Fronteira Palace. To read more about this place, click here

#12 Museum of Electricity

Museum of Electricity

#13 Casa Balthazar has one of the best views over Lisbon

Casa Balthazar Viewpoint – To read our full review, click here

#14 Tile panel at Campo Grande metro station

Campo Grande Metro Station

#15 Can you imagine a better way to start the day? Jacuzzi bath and views like these sound perfect to me.

Casa Balthazar- To read our full review, click here.

#16 Gardens of the Pimenta Palace, Campo Grande

Jardins do Palácio Pimenta, Museu da Cidade – Campo Grande

#17 Lisbon Cathedral´s

Sé de Lisboa (Igreja de Santa Maria Maior)

#18 Lisbon is the perfect destination for those with sweet tooth

#19 The famous Pink Street

Rua Cor-de-rosa, Cais do Sodré

#20 Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara (São Pedro de Alcântara Viewpoint)

Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara

#21 Calçada do Carmo

Calçada do Carmo

#22 Alfama Neighborhood


#23 Sunset at Miradouro da Graça (Graça Viewpoint)

Sunset, Miradouro da Graça

#24 Evolution Lisboa Hotel

Evolution Lisboa Hotel. For more info, click here

#25 Lisbon´s Zoo

Jardim Zoológico

#26 Pátio Dom Fradique, Alfama

Pátio Dom Fradique, Alfama

#27 Bairro de Alfama, the 2nd oldest neighborhood in Europe


#28 Pensão Amor

Pensão Amor. To read more about this bar, click here.

#29 There are too many charming courtyards in Lisbon to count

#30 Palace of Ajuda

Palácio da Ajuda. Click here to read more about this palace.

#31 Lisbon is known as the city of the seven hills. Get ready to find lots of ladders, steep ascents and descents

#32 Palácio Chiado – Just one of the many charming cafes of Lisbon

Delisbon, Palácio Chiado. Click here to discover our favourite charming cafes in Lisbon

#33 Fantastic tile mural by André Saraiva

Mural by André Saraiva, near Jardim Botto Machado

#34 In the background you can see the Assembly of the Republic, the Portuguese Parliament

Assembly of the Republic, Portuguese Parliament

#35  São Pedro de Alcântara Viewpoint

Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara

#36 Village Underground

Villlage Underground

#37 VIP Executive Arts Hotel

VIP Executive Arts Hotel. For more info, click here

#38 LX Factory

LX Factory

#39 The charming village of Sintra is only 30km from Lisbon


#40 The Convento de São Saturnino Hotel is just 39km from Lisbon

Convento de São Saturnino Hotel. Click here to read our full review

Did you enjoy our photos? Were we able to convince you to visit Lisbon? We hope so.

Lara Oliveira