Hello dear readers, welcome to our world!

We are a young Portuguese couple with a passion for the world almost as big as the love that unites us.

We are not born with a silver spoon, but we are very aware of the luck that we have for being able to travel and have unique opportunities. We prefer not to buy lots of material goods and bet on travel and experiences.

We´re always looking for original and different accommodations to stay. Accommodations with WOW Factor, the kind of experiences that however pricey, worth saving your money for! Therefore, we decided to create a section on our blog called “Unique Hotels” to feature the most original places we have stayed.

We want to be the friends to whom you turn to when you start planning your travels, whether to show you unique accommodation experiences or simply to discover places that you never dreamt that could exist. In addition to the conventional destinations, we like to discover the charms of unusual and not so touristic destinations.

It´s true that we fall asleep dreaming of faraway places, but whenever we can, we try to discover the many charms of our country, Portugal. Do you want to see an example of what we are talking about? See this article about the Magical Mountains of Portugal.

Recently, we also found a new passion. The passion for photography! We want our blog to be filled with compelling photos that teleport you to the places we have been.

Warning: We did our best to translate all the content of our blog to English, but this isn´t our mother language, so we truly apologise for some writing mistakes you might find. In case you spot something wrong you can send us an email to: heartofeverywhere@gmail.com . We will be more than happy to correct them!