5 Razões Para Pernoitar No Moinho Do Maneio

5 Reasons To Stay at Moinho Do Maneio


We must confess that it was the unusual possibility of sleeping inside a bubble that brought us to Moinho do Maneio. However, when we arrived, we quickly realised that were far more reasons to stay at Moinho do Maneio than just its bubble.

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5 Reasons To Stay at Moinho Do Maneio

In addition to the bubble,  Moinho do Maneio has 4 houses to rent and will soon have another one. Most houses have either a fireplace or a salamander. Some also have a kitchenette where you can cook. We had the opportunity to visit all of them and we loved each one. We absolutely loved the tub from Casa da Pipa, once upon a time this tub was a barrel of wine. We also loved the charm of the modern decor from Quarto do Amieiro. You can check all the accommodations they have to offer on the official website of the Moinho do Maneio.

Let us present you 5 reasons to choose this special accommodation:

#1 Breakfast

We´re both really lazy when the matter is getting out of bed on our day off, but for an amazing breakfast like this one, we would even get out of bed at 6 am. But don´t worry you don´t need to get up that early. The breakfast is served between 9 am and 11 am. When we arrived at the breakfast room, awaiting us were wild berries, cherries, 3 different types of cakes and some dry cakes. WE LOVED Anabela’s chocolate cake. We also had 2 types of juice to choose from, orange and raspberries, plus the usual coffee and milk. There was also bread, several kinds of cheese and a special treat with yoghurt, cereals and a blackberry.

Breakfast is different every day, it varies depending on the ideas and inspirations of Anabela, the owner. Well here is a good reason to stay longer than one night!

5 Reasons To Stay at Moinho Do Maneio

5 Reasons To Stay at Moinho Do Maneio

#2 Location

This accommodation is located 10km away from Penamacor, in the district of Castelo Branco. It is ideally located for discovering the Historical Villages of Portugal or the Serra da Malcata.

Of the 12 historical villages in Portugal, the nearest is Monsanto, which is about 22km from the accommodation, and Idanha-a-Velha, which is 30km away. Sortelha is about 40km. Belmonte is about 50km. Castelo Novo is also about 50km away.

Fundão and its wonderful cherries are at a distance of about 40km. Covilhã is also just over 50km away. Castelo Branco is about 60km. If you decide to visit Castelo Branco don´t forget to visit Jardim do Paço. Penha Garcia and its fossils are also no more than 30km away.

For those wishing to venture into Spanish lands, the Spanish border is less than 15km away.

Unfortunately, we had limited time during our visit and we could not visit half of the places we suggest here. We only visited Monsanto, we left Monsanto totally enchanted by this village which is known as the most Portuguese in Portugal. You can read more about Monsanto in this article we wrote. If like us, you have only one day to explore the surrounding area. Don´t miss this historic village. It’s really worth it!

5 Reasons To Stay at Moinho Do Maneio


#3 Perfect for stargazing

Thanks to its remote and secluded location this is the perfect place for those who like to enjoy a good starry night. A night in the bubble will allow you to have a privileged view of the stars in the comfort of your bed, but even staying in one of the other houses you still have a sky as fantastic to observe as the guests of the bubble. The only difference is that you will have to leave the comfort of your bed.

5 Reasons To Stay at Moinho Do Maneio

5 Reasons To Stay at Moinho Do Maneio

#4 Deep connection with nature

The beauty of the Bazágueda river that runs slowly through the property and the contact with the animals were important reasons that contributed to the WOW factor of this accommodation.

After a nice breakfast, wouldn´t you love kayaking? Or if you prefer, you can ride a bike.

5 Reasons To Stay at Moinho Do Maneio

5 Reasons To Stay at Moinho Do Maneio

Oh, and did we mention that there is also a pool?

5 Reasons To Stay at Moinho Do Maneio

This is the friendly and sociable Jericho!

5 Reasons To Stay at Moinho Do Maneio

#5 Kindness of the hosts

When we arrived we were kindly greeted not only by Anabela and Rui but also by their 4-legged hosts. During our stay, we felt as comfortable as if we were at home. And although we didn´t know Anabela and Rui previously, we left Moinho do Maneio with a special feeling, as if we had made two new friends.

This couple is the living proof that when things are done with love, people will notice your work and dedication. After all, Moinho do Maneio was born out of the common dream of the couple to recover an old property which belonged to several members of Rui family, which gradually expanded and is now a reference in rural tourism for those who seek to escape the city and for all others who look for a different experience, in harmony with nature. As they dream, they build. One of the couple’s dreams, that will someday be a reality, is to recover the Mill that is on the property and which gave the name to the accommodation, the Windmill of Maneio (in Portuguese, Moinho do Maneio) and also transform it into a house.

Unfortunately, we do not have a photograph of Anabela and Rui to illustrate their welcoming and captivating smiles

5 Reasons To Stay at Moinho Do Maneio

  Price & Reservations

The price of one night at the bubble is 100 €.

The price of the houses per night varies between € 70 and € 85.

You  can book directly through the oficial site, by clicking HERE ou through booking website, by clicking HERE.

Contact: moinhodomaneio@gmail.com   /    +351 277 394 399

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5 Reasons To Stay at Moinho Do Maneio

Did we convince you to spend the night here? We are already in the mood to return! If you like to discover more charming accommodations, join us also through facebook & instagram.

Disclaimer: We were welcomed as guests by Moinho do Maneio. However, this is our honest opinion about our experience. We would never recommend or partner with accommodations that we didn´t really like or didn´t identify with.


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