30 Fotos Que Te Vão Dar Vontade De Visitar Belgrado

30 Photos That Will Make You Buy A Ticket To Belgrade


1: Friends enjoy the view over Belgrade in Kalemegdan Park – the largest park in the city


2: Sunset at Kalemegdan Park. Here, you can see the confluence of the  Sava and Danube Rivers


Kalemegdan Park

3: Just another photo in Kalemegdan Park


4: A pretty blue day in Belgrade 


5: Belgrade has about 1.5 million inhabitants


6: Over the history, this city has already been destroyed and rebuilt over 40 times


7: It´s impossible to ignore the fantastic urban art scattered throughout the city. This one that you see in the picture below can be found on one of the pillars of one of the bridges, near Belgrade Waterfront


8: Sunset a the Parliament of Belgrade


9: Statue of Toma Rosandic – Igrali se konji vrani (“Play of Black Horses”). You can find it in front of the parliament building


10: Sunset at Tašmajdan Park


11: Statue of Milorad Pavic, a Serbian writer, in the Tašmajda Park


12: Parliament in the evening


13: Choco Caffe


14: Contrasts of Belgrad – colourful flowers that stand out next to the grey building


15: The appearance of this building might be somewhat run down, but it does have its charm


16: Curiosity: “In one of the attacks, in the middle of World War II, the animals even fled the zoo, which Emir Kusturica portrayed in the film Underground – Lies of War and many thought it wast just a fictional reverie of the Serbian director ”


17: On my first day in the city, walking along Belgrade’s main pedestrian street, Knez Mihailova Street, I saw people with ice cream boxes from this shop. I decided to try it and I loved it. From then on, whenever I was in the mood for ice cream I went there. You should give it a try!


18: From the outside, it looks just like a parking lot and it is, but it´s worth a visit! It´s full of urban art and cool bars – Cetinjska Street 15


19: Don´t leave Belgrade without putting your feet into the old bohemian quarter of the city – Skadarlija. Choose one of your evenings for dinner here. It´s very pleasant to hear traditional music and feel the charm and animation, so characteristic of this street


20: How cool is this parking lot? As I mentioned before it´s not just a parking lot, it´s becoming the new alternative hub in Belgrade. We love when degraded spaces are brought back to live. In the past, this space worked as a brewery. It´s located a few steps from the district of Skadarlija – Cetinjska Street 15


21: Just a closer look at the previous photo. It truly is a great work of art


22: At Cetinjska Street 15, you can find amazing art pieces like this one.


23: How lovely is this  Russian orthodox church? You can find it next to the Tašmajdan Park and the Church of Saint Mark


24: Belgrade isn´t the most bike-friendly city, but if you like to bike you can rent one and stroll along the river.  There you´ll find a great bike lane


25: Belgrade also has a modern side 


26: Peeking through hidden alleys


27: Temple of St Sava 


28: Evening in Belgrade


29: More hidden corners of the city


30: If you want to try local food, get ready to eat lots of meat


Belgrade may not appear on the top of your bucket list. It might not be a city that will make you fall in love in the first minute your feet touch its ground but give it time. It´s rare when you find love at first sight, right? With Belgrade, it´s the same. Did you know that this city was already disputed in 115 wars and was completely destroyed 44 times throughout its history? Its appearance, perhaps a bit shabby, contrasts with the extremely modern buildings that pop up around the city.

As soon as we arrived, the view of Kalemegdan Park surrendered us, but just as real life love, Belgrade wasn´t for us love at first sight, but its more alternative side, its small charms, easily captivated us. After a while, we started seeing ourselves even living here for a while. Discovering the charming and unusual cafes and meeting nice people.

Can you believe that our first night together in this city was spent at the house of a super nice and friendly Serbian boy that my boyfriend met on the plane flight? He was super sweet and friendly. Thank you, friend Lazar. We´ll never forget your kindness.

If we don´t return to Belgrade to live there for a while, we will certainly return to the Dev9t festival. Have you heard about it?


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    29 June, 2017

    Hello Lara! I am very happy that you met traditional Serbian hospitality, something that all Serbs are very proud of. I really hope you will come back to Belgrade and if you do, I recommend you not to miss visiting gorgeous Serbian countryside. Because Serbia is a small country you may see some awesome things leaving Belgrade for only 2 days! Check out some suggestions what you can explore: http://balkanway.com/useful-serbian-tips-and-facts/places_to_visit

    • Reply

      Lara Oliveira

      30 June, 2017

      Dusan, thank you for your useful comment. We definitely want to return to Serbia to explore the Serbian countryside. One of the things I really regret during my time in Serbia is not having explored the countryside. I will definitely return with Valter to explore more of your beautiful country. We´re really grateful for your suggestion.

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    Kostadin Nikolov

    22 July, 2019

    Belgrade is one of the most beautiful European cities. Two years ago I visited it for the first time and I was stunned and pleasantly surprised by its beauty. Your photos perfectly catch its unique atmosphere.

    • Reply

      Lara Oliveira

      18 August, 2019

      Thank you so much for your kind comment, Kostadin 😉


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