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A Really Quite Good Guide to Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris


Are you wondering in which arrondissement  to stay in Paris? Look no further, our Best Arrondissement  to Stay in Paris Guide  is everything you´ll ever need. Montmartre, Latin Quarter, Marais? There are so many options. In this guide, we´ll share with you our favorite neighborhoods to stay in Paris as well as our personal tips and tricks to save money on accomodation. Also, be prepared to dive through lots of extremely good looking hotels. We can´t hide any longer from the world our Paris hotels crushes. And they are many!

When we decided to spend one week in Paris, my usual hunt for charming hotels began. I genuinely like to fall asleep while searching for hotels and creating endless lists of unique hotels. Most of the time, the overwhelming majority of the hotels I discover are well over our usual holiday budget. However, discovering dream hotels and apartments is one of my favorite hobbies.

In this article, we share all the dream hotels that triggered in us the burning desire of  making a big fat hole in our holiday budget. But, we will also share with you all the affordable hotels that captured our attention and seem to be a great option for families and people with normal lives and regular salaries, like us. 

Truth to be told, after a lot of searching, we ended choosing the cheapest option and staying in two ibis hotels, in Montmartre, one of our favorite neighborhoods in Paris.

A Really Quite Good Guide to Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris

Paris has 20 arrondissements. These “arrondissements” are the administrative  districts of the city. It’s the way the city is organized.

When in Paris is important to know that, the smaller the number of the arrondissement, the more central the location. We consider the arrondissements from 1 to 8 the city center of Paris, the area around the Louvre, Notre Dame, Musée d’Orsay. In a city like Paris, where monuments and beautiful buildings abound on every corner, staying away from the typical city center doesn´t mean staying in a boring area. All the arrondissements of Paris have their own peculiar charm.

Are you curious to know everything we did, the neighborhoods we visited and where we ate, during the week we spent in Paris? If so, you can read here our itinerary of Paris.

Note: All the hotel photos in this article were taken from Booking website. The city map presented above was taken from the website My Time in Paris.

Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris

Sit back, relax and get ready to find the hotel of your dreams or the most wallet-friendly.

2nd arrondissement

What is the greatest advantage of choosing the 2nd arrondissement? It´s located in the heart of the city.

The 2nd arrondissement might not have any emblematic monument that characterizes it, but its proximity to all the other iconic monuments of Paris make it a great option to base yourself.

2nd arrondissement is where you can find some of our favorite covered passages of Paris, the Passage des Panoramas and Galerie Vivienne.

#1 CMG Montorgueil IV ( 160€-210€)

A Really Quite Good Guide to Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris

Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris: CMG Montorgueil IV

The CMG Montorgueil IV  is just a 20-minute walk from the Louvre Museum and 30 minutes from Notre Dame. Book it here.

 3rd arrondissement 

The Marais, is one of the historic districts of Paris. It was once the neighborhood of the Paris aristocracy. Nowadays, it is one of the trendiest districts of Paris. It´s also known as the Jewish quarter and one of the favourite LGBT neighborhoods in Paris. The Marais is located somewhere between the 3rd  and the 4th arrondissements.

If you choose to stay in the 3rd arrondissement, you are choosing to stay in the heart of Paris and within walking distance to the Notre Dame Cathedral, the River Seine, the Place des Vosges, the Victor Hugo house and the Place de la Bastille.

Fun Fact: “From the Ile St Louis to the Pont Neuf, from the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower, and the Place de la Concorde to the Grand and Petit Palais, the evolution of Paris and its history can be seen from the River Seine. A large number of major monuments of the French capital are built alongside the river and on the perspectives overlooking it.”  That´s part of the reason why the banks of the Seine were declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1991.

#1 Hotel du Petit Moulin (230€-400€) 

A Really Quite Good Guide to Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris

Which Arrondissement to Stay in Paris: Hotel du Petit Moulin

Located in the MaraisHotel du Petit Moulin is a boutique hotel, totally decorated by Christian Lacroix. I love how each room is unique and different.

When choosing this hotel you will have a bicycle at your disposal free of charge. You can also enjoy free access to the Pavillon de la Reine’s spa, located just 10 minutes away from the hotel. Book it here.

More suggestions: Boutique Hotel de la Place des Vosges | Le Pavillon de la Reine & SpaHôtel de Joséphine BONAPARTELa Chambre du Marais

5th arrondissement

We loved choosing Montmartre, on the 18.º arrondissement, to stay during our week in Paris. However, we don´t even need to think twice, on a second visit to Paris we would like to stay in the 5th arrondissement.

The Latin Quarter is divided between the 5th and 6th arrondissements and is one of our all time favorite neighborhoods in Paris.

In the Latin Quarter you can find one of the most prestigious French universities, the University of Sorbonne. The Pantheon and the lovely Shakespeare and Company bookstore also rank high on the list of great attractions of this neighborhood.

While wandering around Latin Quarter you can still get lost in its narrow but very lively streets, namely Rue La Huchette, Rue Xavier Privas and Rue de La Harpe. In these streets, you can find all kinds of cute restaurants, Greek, Moroccan, Lebanese, French, at friendly prices.

The Latin Quarter is a vibrant and charming neighborhood in the heart of Paris. Another great reason to choose Latin Quarter is its proximity to Notre Dame Cathedral.

Are you curious to know everything we did, the neighborhoods we visited and where we ate, during the week we spent in Paris? If so, you can read here our itinerary of Paris.

#1 Notre Dame Paris Flat (350€-500€/2 nights)

A Really Quite Good Guide to Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris

Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris: Notre Dame Paris Flat

We don´t ask much from life, just to win the lottery so that we can stay in this dream apartment forever. It´s quite difficult to precise what seduced us the most in this apartment, if the modern decor or the breathtaking views over Paris.

The Notre Dame Paris Flat might not offer views overlooking the Eiffel Tower. But it does have the most incredible views over the charming rooftops of Paris and Notre Dame Cathedral. Book your stay at Notre Dame Paris Flat here.

Note: This apartment requires a 2 night reservation.

#2 Seven Hotel (150€-200€)

A Really Quite Good Guide to Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris

Which Arrondissement to Stay in Paris: Seven Hotel

This is the perfect hotel for passionate couples looking to break the daily routine with a romantic getaway to Paris.

The Seven Hotel, is a 4-star hotel whose decor gives us the feeling of staying in a luxury motel. The decor is elegant. But also erotic and bold.

The hotel has 28 rooms and 7 suites. The suites are meticulously decorated according to specific themes. There is the “Secret Agent suite”, but also the “Cabaret suite” and the more sublime ones, where white lines and simplicity prevail for a unique harmony. Book your stay at Seven Hotel here.

Other suggestions: Hôtel Les Dames du Panthéon | Serotel Lutèce

9th arrondissement 

The 9th arrondissement is elegant, but also erotic and bohemian.

In this district you can find Pigalle neighborhood ,which is quite famous for its sex shops lined along Boulevard de Clichy. However, the 9th arrondissement is much more than that. You´ll also find classic and marvelous buildings like Ópera Garnier , the Galeries Lafayette and Printemps.

#1 La Villa Royale

A Really Quite Good Guide to Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris

Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris: La Villa Royale

The Hotel La Villa Royale has the ideal location. It´s close to Opéra Garnier, Galeries Lafayette and Montmartre and only a 30 minutes walk from the Louvre Museum.

The decor is sumptuous and inspired by the world of theater. The rococo style is evident. The suites have a fireplace. Book your stay at Hotel La Villa Royale here.

Other suggestions: Hotel 34B – AstotelHôtel ChopinHotel SachaMaison SouquetInterContinental Paris Le Grand

12th arrondissement

The 12th arrondissement might not have anything notoriously touristy. But in Paris, it´s quite difficult to find a neighborhood or an arrondissement that is not pleasing to the eye. It´s difficult not to find architecture that impresses us even in the most ordinary buildings.

Although we don´t consider a visit to the 12th arrondissement essential when visiting Paris for the first time, we still think it´s a great place to stay.

Hidden gem ALERT!: If you like discovering museums and unusual activities, in the 12th arrondissement you’ll be in the right place to discover the  Musée des Arts Forains, a private museum that collects objects from old popular fairs and amusement parks. It´s located within the Pavillons Bercy. ATTENTION!: You can only visit this museum with prior reservation or when it´s exceptionally open to the public as during  Le Festival du Merveilleux, which takes place around the Christmas season.

#1 citizenM Paris Gare de Lyon

A Really Quite Good Guide to Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris

Which Arrondissement to Stay in Paris: CitizenM Paris Gare de Lyon

The motto of the citizenM hotel chain is “affordable luxury hotels”.

We can find citizenM hotels already in several European cities. The rooms are generally small, but with ultra modern decor, XL beds, free wi-fi and movies at your disposal. The citizenM Paris Gare de Lyon  is a 5-minute walk from the Gare de Lyon and 30 minutes from Notre Dame Cathedral. Book your stay at the citizenM Paris Gare de Lyon here.

Fun Fact: If you spend a lot of time scrolling through your Instagram feed, you probably have already seen photos of the colorful and very instagrammable Rue Cremieux. Did you know that it is less than a 6 minutes walk from the citizenM Paris Gare de Lyon?

13th arrondissement

The 13th arrondissement is not far from our beloved “Quartier Latin”. However, it is a more residential district and often overlooked by tourists who end up passing by without paying much attention to it.

The 13th arrondissement is a good choice for those who like to explore the cities beyond their conventional museums within four enclosed walls. It´s the perfect neighborhood for outdoor museum lovers. It´s the arrondissement that lovers of street art can´t miss. A major part of the urban art of this district can be found in the immediate vicinity of the “Nationale” metro station, from the Rue Jeanne d’Arc to the Boulevard Vincent Auriol.

The 13th arrondissement is also home to the Asian district of Paris.

#1 Hotel OFF Paris Seine (160€-250€)

A Really Quite Good Guide to Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris

Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris: Hotel OFF Paris Seine

As unique hotels lovers it would be impossible not to include the Hotel OFF Paris Seine in this list as this is the first floating hotel of Paris. It is anchored next to Austerlitz Station. Book your stay at the Hotel OFF Paris Seine here.

Other Suggestions: COQ Hotel Paris 

15th arrondissement

If  Vice Versa Hotel hadn´t captured our attention, the 15th arrondissement wouldn´t be our first choice to stay in Paris.

The 15eme is a quiet residential neighborhood and not far from the Eiffel Tower. Still, in my opinion, it´s not the best area for those who love to explore as much possible by foot, as it is not within really close walking distance to any emblematic site of the city.

#1 Vice Versa (100€-250€)

Although the location of  Vice Versa Hotel  might not be our favorite, the most iconic attraction in Paris and the closest one, the Eiffel Tower is only a 40 minutes walk. Not the shortest walk, but still doable.

However, this was one of the hotels we were most tempted to book. We were especially attracted by the thematic decoration, inspired by the 7 deadly sins. It was designed by Chantal Thomas. Book your stay at the Vice Versa Hotel here.

Other Suggestions: Ibis Paris Tour Eiffel Cambronne 15ème | Hotel Eiffel Petit LouvreLe Parisis Hôtel 

18th arrondissement – Montmartre

While looking at the map of Paris we, immediately, realized that the 18th arrondissement is far from the center.  For that reason, there are people who don´t recommend choosing to stay at the 18ème on a first visit to Paris. After all, why would anyone want to be away from the center?

Nonetheless, we chose to stay in the 18th arrondissement  during our days in Paris and we loved it.

In Paris, choosing an accommodation away from the center, especially if you are choosing to stay at 18ème doesn´t mean staying in a boring place with nothing interesting to see. Quite the contrary.

In the 18ème you can find the bohemian and very picturesque Montmartre neighborhood, the neighborhood of the Amélie Poulain movie, and the Basilica of Sacré Cœur. The 18ème is also the place to find the Moulin Rouge, various sex shops and erotic shows.

During our stay in Paris we stayed in two different hotels, but quite close to each other. One on Boulevard de Rochechouart and the other near Boulevard de Clichy, where the sex shops and the Moulin Rouge are located, on the border between 18ème and 9ème.

We divided our stay between ibis Sacre Coeur and ibis Montmartre. Six nights of accommodation in Paris cost us a total of € 530. If you are looking for a budget option, we recommend, ibis Montmartre , instead of the ibis Sacre Coeur. The building was more modern, the bedrooms and bathroom bigger as well.

Regarding distances, walking from  ibis Montmartre to the center of Paris will take 45 minutes, considering that the center is the Louvre . To reach Notre Dame or the Eiffel Tower on foot you can count with 1 hour of walking. Opéra Garnier is only a 20-minute walk, as well as the Galeries Lafayette.

#1  Déclic Hotel (110€-175€)

A Really Quite Good Guide to Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris

Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris: Déclic Hotel

The Déclic Hotel is another hotel that won us over for its decoration. It belongs to the same family of hotels as the Seven Hotel and the Hôtel Montmartre Mon Amour. All of them are easily distinguished from other hotels by their unique decor and theme.

The theme of Déclic Hotel revolves around photography techniques. It is the first hotel in France dedicated to this theme. It has 18 rooms and 9 suites. Book your stay at the Déclic Hotel here.

#2 Terrass” Hôtel Montmartre by MH (150€-200€)

With stunning views over Paris, the Terrass” Hôtel Montmartre  stood out in our intensive search for charming hotels in Paris as one of the hotels with marvelous panoramic views and more affordable prices.

At the Terrass” Hôtel Montmartre you can enjoy your breakfast on the rooftop terrace while admiring the Eiffel Tower. Book your stay at the Terrass” Hôtel Montmartre here.

#3  Hôtel Montmartre Mon Amour

A Really Quite Good Guide to Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris

Which Arrondissement to Stay in Paris: Hôtel Montmartre Mon Amour

At the Hôtel Montmartre Mon Amour  everything revolves around love as this  is the theme of the hotel. All rooms are decorated with images of famous couples of the 19th and 20th centuries, couples as iconic as Edith Piaf & Michel Cerdan, Jean-Paul Sartre & Simone de Beauvoir. Book your stay at the Hotel Montmartre Mon Amour here.

Other Sugestions: Libertel Montmartre Opéra| Hotel Du Beaumont |Hôtel Villa BohèmeMercure Paris Pigalle Sacre CoeurRomantic Artist Room Montmartre Bed & Breakfast

19th & 20th arrondissements – Belleville

The Belleville neighborhood is spread trough the 10th, 11th, 19th and 20th districts of Paris. But the biggest portion of Belleville is concentrated between the 19th and 20th arrondissements.

During our visit to Paris, we made a short stop in Belleville to visit the photogenic rue Denoyez.

Belleville is one of the most effusive and multicultural neighborhoods of Paris. It might not be one of those neighborhoods that tourists consider a must visit. But it is, for sure, a neighborhood full of life, one of those neighborhoods where we always like to immerse ourselves.

Belleville is also the neighborhood of the singer Edith Piaf.

#1 Hotel Scarlett (100€-150€)

A Really Quite Good Guide to Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris

Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris: Hotel Scarlett

The Hotel Scarlett  is the result of the recovery of an abandoned building. The décor has a relaxed, modern, simple and yet elegant touch.

Each of the 30 rooms at this hotel has its own character and décor. Book your stay at the Hotel Scarlett here.

#2 Mama Shelter Paris East (110€-180€)

A Really Quite Good Guide to Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris

Which Arrondissement to Stay in Paris: Mama Shelter Paris East

Mama Shelter is one of our favorite hotel chains in terms of originality. It´s an atypical chain hotel, just as we like it. At the moment, it is spread across 8 cities and 6 countries.

The Mama Shelter Paris offers 170 rooms as vibrant as comfortable. Book your stay at the Mama Shelter Paris here.

Other Suggestions: Hotel Restaurant Au Boeuf Couronné 

Low-cost/Budget Hotels Suggestions

The price you are going to pay for accommodation is closely related with the time of the year you are planning to visit Paris and with how much time in advance you make the reservations. The sooner you reserve the better.

 Arty Paris Porte de Versailles by Hiphophostels | Vintage Paris Gare du Nord by Hiphophostels | Le Regent Montmartre by Hiphophostels | Le Village Montmartre by Hiphophostels | Smart Place Gare du Nord by Hiphophostels | ibis Paris Montmartre | ibis Paris Porte d’Italie | Sejours & Affaires Paris-Davout | Motel One Paris-Porte Dorée


Paris Dream Hotels

 The hotels featured in this chapter are those kind of hotels that have a special place on my “one day, when I won the Lottery” list.

#1 Shangri-La Hotel, Paris (800€-900€)

A Really Quite Good Guide to Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris

Where to stay in Paris? Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

The Shangri-La Hotel, Paris is a palace hotel located in the elegant 16ème, close to the Trocadero. It offers stunning views of the Eiffel Tower. Nor would we expect less from the former residence of Prince Roland Bonaparte, Napoleon Bonaparte’s nephew-grandson. Book your stay at the Shangri-La Hotel, Paris here.

#2 Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris

A Really Quite Good Guide to Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris

Where to stay in Paris? Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris

The Four Seasons chain is one of the hottest names in the world of luxury hotels and, of course, the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris does not disappoint and presents all the usual features that distinguish Four Seasons hotels from all the others. Book your stay at the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris here.

#3 Hotel The Peninsula Paris

A Really Quite Good Guide to Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris

Where to stay in Paris?  Hotel The Peninsula Paris

The 200 rooms of the Hotel The Peninsula Paris  are adorned with works of art. The terrace and restaurant L’Oiseau Blanc, on the top floor of the hotel, offer breathtaking views. Book your stay at the  Hotel The Peninsula Paris here.

Other Suggestions: L’Hôtel

Would you like to stay at the hotel where Oscar Wilde lived? At the hotel where guests like Salvador Dali and Jim Morrison stayed? If so, L’Hôtel is the luxury hotel you are looking for. It is the smallest 5-star hotel in Paris with only 20 rooms. The location is incredible.

Outside of Paris

#1 Villages Nature Paris at Disneyland® Paris (120€-200€)

A Really Quite Good Guide to Best Arrondissement to Stay in Paris

Where to stay in Paris? Villages Nature Paris at Disneyland® Paris

This suggestion is only relevant if you are thinking of including  Disneyland on your Paris itinerary.

The Villages Nature Paris at Disneyland® Paris is an atypical holiday resort, designed especially for families. The Villages Nature Paris at Disneyland® Paris is 6km away from Disneyland Paris.

Book your stay at the Villages Nature Paris at Disneyland® Paris here.

Tips & Trick to save money when booking your hotel in Paris :

#1 Make the reservations as soon as possible!

Please, don´t make the same mistake as us and book as soon as possible! We  couldn´t decide which hotel was our favourite for a long time, when we finally decided to book the hotel, we found that the prices we had previously seen had risen, exponentially. Or that the hotel were already fully booked on our dates. That´s why we ended choosing the most wallet friendly hotels instead of the ones we loved the most.

#2 Long stays in the same hotel can be cheaper than short stays

Practical example: When searching for the price of a night in one of the hotels we stayed in, the ibis Montmartre, we found that only one night, costed 97€. However, if for the same dates, we extend the stay to 5 nights the total cost is 382 €. Which means that the cost per night dropped to 76€.

Disclaimer: It´s a pleasure to provide free information & advice to our readers. But, in order to pay our blog expenses and our vices (food & travel) we placed some affiliate links in this article, which means if you book through one of our links we earn a small commission, at no extra cost for you.


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