Casa Balthazar - Jacuzzi Com a Melhor Vista de Lisboa

Best Place To Stay In Lisbon: Casa Balthazar


This is not the first time that we mention Instagram as one of our favourite social networks. While not ideal for travel planning, its strong visual component makes it the perfect place to look for inspiration. It´s also perfect to spot hidden gems. With this introduction, you probably already realised that it was precisely through an Instagram photo that we became aware of the existence of Casa Balthazar. Since we discovered the hotel and the time we made the reservation, a long time passed, but ever since this day this hotel has always endured in our memory.

I lived almost 5 years in Lisbon. Now that I’m finishing my degree I´m coming back to my hometown to do an internship in a pharmacy. I decided that for a great farewell to the capital,  my last night would be spent in a hotel that best fit our blog section of Unique Hotels, a hotel with WOW factor.

What is not lacking in Lisbon are quality accommodations. After a long search on Booking, I was a bit confused about the best hotel to stay in. However, after considering everything we saw, we decided that Casa Balthazar was definitely the one that stood out. After all, of all the accommodations with beautiful views over Lisbon, this seemed to be the one with the most amazing views of the city and the only where it was possible to enjoy this view while soaking in a jacuzzi.


We can assure you that the location is definitely one of the best possible for those looking to stay in the centre of Lisbon. It´s a 5-minute walk from Rossio Train Station and 5 minutes from Chiado.

Getting there is not difficult at all, you just need to take a deep breath and climb the stairs of Calçada do Carmo and turn on Rua do Duque (Rua = Street). Despite the street where the hotel is located being narrow, you can reach it by car and park your vehicle inside the hotel without any additional cost.

The difficult thing is not to get here, but to realise that you have arrived. This property is quite reserved in its exterior presentation. Those who pass by will easily think this is a family residence and not the hotel with one of the best views over Lisbon.

When I arrived at Rua do Duque, the same street of the property, using Google Maps, I kept walking and suddenly I lost the GPS signal. I walked till the end of the street and contacted the property to see if it was close or not. I quickly realised that I had just passed the door of the property without realising it.

Best Place To Stay In Lisbon: Casa Balthazar

Calçada do Carmo

A Glimpse of History

Did you know that the founder of this charming house was Balthazar Roiz Castanheiro, founder of the prestigious Confeitaria Nacional (the oldest and traditional Confectionery of Lisbon)? It was in the year 1882 that he acquired the property.

In addition to being the residence of the Castanheiro family, this property was also the “Fabric”. It was here that the delicious traditional Portuguese sweets were made to sell on Confeitaria Nacional.

The House

“Make yourself at home”

These were the words of the friendly receptionist who showed us the property and in fact, feeling at home was an easy task while we were there.

The decor is classical and sober, with several paintings around the house. In the main room, you can find free tea and coffee.

Best Place To Stay In Lisbon: Casa Balthazar

Reception – Casa Balthazar

Best Place To Stay In Lisbon: Casa Balthazar

Living Room – Casa Balthazar

Swimming Pool

Close to the living room, there is also a patio with a heated pool.

We decided to do a late night swim. The pool water was not super warm like our jacuzzi, but it was warm enough to allow an evening swim in February. By the way, February is still winter time around here.

Best Place To Stay In Lisbon: Casa Balthazar

Swimming Pool – Casa Balthazar

Room With Jacuzzi

Valter joined me later, as soon as he got off work. When I entered the room on my own and headed to the balcony I was blown away by the view. It´s absolutely amazing.

There are currently 17 rooms. 3 rooms are like ours – with jacuzzi and breathtaking views to the Castle of St Jorge. There are many others rooms without a jacuzzi, but with views as privileged as the ones we had.

To welcome us we had a bottle of a Portuguese red wine. We also had a Nespresso coffee machine with free capsules, fruit, tea, yoghurts, cereals and milk – also free. The consumption of the other drinks is counted as extra consumption.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention it! In our bathroom, we had towel warmers. Something that Valter loved. He is a big fan of warm towels. For the first time in our recent double life as WOW factor hotel hunters, we were entitled to robe and slippers, which was very enjoyable.

The room also had air conditioning and we could regulate the temperature that best suited our taste. To make our stay even more perfect we had free Wi-Fi, multi-channel TV including the Travel Channel (Yey!) and a stereo.

In addition to everything we have mentioned, we had a modest mobile phone to make calls to the hotel in case we had any questions or needed anything extra.

Best Place To Stay In Lisbon: Casa Balthazar

Deluxe Double Room with Balcony and Jacuzzi I – Casa Balthazar

Best Place To Stay In Lisbon: Casa Balthazar

Deluxe Double Room with Balcony and Jacuzzi I – Casa Balthazar

Best Place To Stay In Lisbon: Casa Balthazar

Deluxe Double Room with Balcony and Jacuzzi I – Casa Balthazar

Best Place To Stay In Lisbon: Casa Balthazar

This was the view we had from the balcony of our room. Fantastic to say the least. Don´t you agree?


Breakfast is served in the room upon request and is provided by Confeitaria Nacional. It was very delicious and the orange juice was natural (Yupi!). In addition to tasty croissants, there were also bread, fruit that included kiwi, grapes and a fruit that I didn´t appreciate much, but which I believe to be papaya. My papillae are not sophisticated enough to like these exotic fruits. We also had tomato jam, which I love, and a delicious cake with nuts.


Best Place To Stay In Lisbon: Casa Balthazar

Breakfast : Casa Balthazar

Best Place To Stay In Lisbon: Casa Balthazar

Breakfast : Casa Balthazar

Price & Reservations

Depending on the dates of your reservation and the room you choose the price can vary a lot. The lowest prices we found were for the months of January and February.

According to our search on Booking, the price of the “Deluxe Double Room with Balcony and Jacuzzi I” that we have chosen can range from € 180-320.

The best thing to do is to check the prices directly on Booking. To book just click here.


Useful Information

  • There is free parking inside the property
  • Teenagers over 16 years old are welcome


Best Place To Stay In Lisbon: Casa Balthazar


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