Guia Essencial Para Visitar a Disneyland Paris: Dicas & Outros Conselhos Preciosos

A Must-Read Disneyland Paris Guide: Everything You Need To Plan Disneyland Paris


Are you looking for some juicy and helpful tips to plan Disneyland Paris? In our Must-Read Disneyland Paris Guide you´re sure to find, everything you need to have a great time on your first visit to Eurodisney.  In this post, you´ll find our Disneyland Paris Itinerary as well as answers to questions such as:

What is the average price of restaurants? What´s a fastpass? What are the must-see attractions at Disneyland Paris? We will answer all of these questions and many others you may have .

The alarm clock rang early in the morning, anticipating the big day we had ahead of us. Finally, we would visit the so called land of dreams. I’d like to tell you that visiting Disneyland would be more than enough reason to get up from bed full of energy… but no. We are not really morning persons and we love our beauty sleep. Getting out of bed required the same usual effort as ever, but once we got up and properly awake, we left our hotel full of excitement.

We also have to confess that we were not planning to include Disneyland in our Paris itinerary, it was a last minute decision. We realised that spending a week in Paris and not visiting Disneyland would make us regret our life decisions in the future.

Due to the spontaneous character of this decision, we bought the tickets the day before our visit and ended not doing any previous research. We lost unnecessary time in queues because we didn´t even dream that something called FASTPASS existed.

We loved our day at Disney, but we don´t want you making the same mistakes we did. That´s why we decided to create this  Disneyland Paris Guide with everything you need to plan Disneyland Paris.

Here, we gather all the information we wish we had received before visiting Disneyland Paris!

 Everything You Need To Plan Disneyland Paris

A Must-Read Disneyland Paris Guide: Everything You Need To Plan Disneyland Paris

A Must-Read Disneyland Paris Guide: Disneyland® Hotel

# 1 From Paris to Disney: Transportation

Getting to Disney by public transport is one of the easiest things ever. We left our hotel in Montmartre, and guided ourselves with GoogleMaps, which indicated that the quickest option would be to take the metro and then the train. So we took the train to Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy.

The train to Disney took just a little more than an hour.

The Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy station is literally a stone’s throw from Disneyland Paris. 


We bought our tickets directly from the machines that exist in the Paris metro. We spent € 7.10 on a combined subway and train ticket. The Paris/Disney ticket (round-trip) costed € 15.20 per person.

A Must-Read Disneyland Paris Guide: Everything You Need To Plan Disneyland Paris

Everything You Need To Plan Disneyland Paris: “it´s a small world”

# 2 The secret to saving time in the queues: Fastpass

The first attractions we tried was “it´s a small world“, we didn´t have to wait more than 10-20 minutes. We got excited about the queues not being as long as we anticipated. But soon, we would come to realize that it wouldn´t be like this in all of the attractions.

In some of them we waited for more than an hour and we didn’t even try many others because we had to manage our time and the queues were too big. For this reason, knowing the existence of FASTPASS before visiting Disney is a must, as it allows you to enjoy your day to the maximum and decrease the time spent in the queues.

What´s a FASTPASS? How to acquire one?

A FASTPASS is a small paper card that allows you to save time in queues. What do you need in order to have a FASTPASS? Only your Disneyland ticket. The FASTPASS is available to all Disneyland visitors at no extra charge. The distribution of FASTPASS tickets is subject to the availability of the service and tickets.

Where can you find your FASTPASS? You can find it near the entrance to each attraction.

In conclusion, to get a fastpass you just have to go to the attraction you want. Instead of getting in line, you look for the place that emits the FASTPASS. Once issued, you only have to return to this attraction during the schedule your FASTPASS indicates.

FASTPASS might not guarantee you immediate access, but it will reduce your wait time by at least half. To better understand how fastpass works and clarify any doubts you can watch this video.

Bear in mind that FASTPASS isn´t available to all the attractions. You can only get a FASTPASS for these attractions:

  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, Adventureland 
  • Space mountain, Discoveryland
  • Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Discoveryland
  • Big Thunder Mountain, Frontierland
  • Peter Pan’s Flight, Fantasyland
  • Star Tours, Discoveryland

Now that you already know about the existence of this magic card that allows you to “cut” queues, it’s up to you to manage your time in the best way.

A Must-Read Disneyland Paris Guide: Everything You Need To Plan Disneyland Paris

Everything You Need To Plan Disneyland Paris: Adventureland

# 3 Disneyland Paris: Attractions

Disneyland Paris is divided into five magical lands: Main Street, U.S .; Discoveryland; Fantasyland; Adventureland and Frontierland.

In total, there are more than 40 attractions, spread across different areas.

A Must-Read Disneyland Paris Guide: Everything You Need To Plan Disneyland Paris

Everything You Need To Plan Disneyland Paris: Disneyland Paris Map


Fantasyland, as the name implies, is the land of fantasy. Here, you will find the attractions dedicated to those Disney classics that both the young and the adults love.

It´s here that you´ll find the iconic pink castle of the Sleeping Beauty, but also the dragon’s cave. Here, you can even enter the long queues for a chance to meet Mickey.

You can also try Dumbo – The flying elephant, which will certainly be fun if you are a child. But if you’re an adult, you might not want to spend more than an hour of your life lining up for a ride on a cute elephant going up and down for only 1 or 2 minutes. We know what we´re talking about, because we did exactly what we´re recommending you not to do.

A Must-Read Disneyland Paris Guide: Everything You Need To Plan Disneyland Paris

Everything You Need To Plan Disneyland Paris: Dumbo the Flying Elephant

In Fantasyland you will also find the Princess Pavilion, and all the attractions dedicated to Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Alice in Wonderland.

What´s our favorite Fantasyland attraction? “It´s a small world” – a magical trip around the World with a melody that will endure all day long, in your head.

Unfortunately, when we visited Disneyland Paris, the attractions of Alice in Wonderland (The Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups and Alice’s Labyrinth) were closed. For maintenance purposes, some attractions might be closed on the day of your visit. You can check out all the attractions on the official Disney website.

A Must-Read Disneyland Paris Guide: Everything You Need To Plan Disneyland Paris

Everything You Need To Plan Disneyland Paris: Adventureland


Upon entering Adventureland we are immediately transported to another world. A world of exotic lands. This is the place for all the lovers of Aladdin & Princess Jasmine, Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean. If you are an adult, this might be one of your favorite Disneyland regions.

What´s our favorite Adventureland attraction? “Pirates of the Caribbean“. We don´t regret having spent more than an hour in line, to experience this immersive voyage through the scenarios of the Pirates of the Caribbean. 

In a land full of adventure a roller coaster is mandatory Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril is the name of the roller coaster that will take your breath away and leave your adrenaline levels all time high. We highly recommended it if you are a fan of strong emotions, which is not really our case. Still, we thought it would be fun to walk in the lure of one of the greatest adventurers, and judging that it was not a real roller coaster, but a softer version, we decided to give it a try. We don´t know what we were thinking  when we thought it would be a milder version of a roller coaster. We were deeply mistaken! There is even a 360º loop !


Frontierland was conceived in resemble to the American Old West.

Here, you can find one of the most popular attractions of  Disneyland Paris, suitable for both kids and adults, the Big Thunder Mountain, which is a milder version of a roller coaster. Pro Tip: As soon as you arrive to Disneyland Paris, take the fastpass for this attraction. This is one of the attractions that has the longest waiting time.

Another of the attractions at Frontierland, which was also closed on the day we visited the park, is the Phantom Manor, a haunted house.


Discoveryland is the intergalactic region of Disneyland Paris, it is the place of choice for all Stars Wars lovers. All fans of roller coasters and adrenaline  can´t miss Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain. 

#4 Disneyland Paris: Parades

If you are planning to visit Disney with children, it´s imperative that you don´t lose track of the time, so that you can watch the parade with their favorite characters.

We spent all day walking through the different Disneyland areas and trying all the attractions we could, that we ended up missing the opportunity to attend a parade.

Pro Tip: As soon as you arrive at Disney, inform yourself of the time of the parades and plan your day accordingly to it, so that you are in the right place to see the parade when it starts.

The parades usually walks through Fantasyland and Main Street, USA. You can find more info here.

A Must-Read Disneyland Paris Guide: Everything You Need To Plan Disneyland Paris

A Must-Read Disneyland Paris Guide: Everything You Need To Plan Disneyland Paris

#5 Food: Prices

If you want to go to Disney and don´t want to spend lots of money, the supermarket will be your best friend.

Before we took the train to Disney, we stopped at the closest supermarket to our hotel and bought some groceries for this day. Baguettes, brie cheese and juices. If you want to go to Disney without spending a lot of money, bringing food for the day in your suitcase is essential.

At Disney, we found several restaurants with fast-food menus (hamburgers, hot dogs, nuggets, slices of pizza, Mexican food) between 13 € and 15 €, which is also not a fortune.

Although we took baguettes to eat, throughout the day we bought some snacks. Do you want to know the average price of the snacks? Let us share with you the price of those we took note of:

  • Candy apples (the caramelized apples that can be seen in the photo) 3.59 € each
  • Hot chocolate 2.99€
  • Crepe with nutella 3.79€
  • Popcorn 5.5€

Options with higher prices are also not lacking. The Agrabah Cafe at Adventureland, provides its guests a buffet experience with Arabic influence and exotic decoration. It cost € 33 per adult and € 18 per child.

If you want to have lunch or dinner close to your favorite characters, then L’Auberge de Cendrillon or Inventions, are the restaurants you should look for. They are indeed expensive, but offer the exclusive experience of interacting directly with Disney characters.

Inventions serves a buffet and allows you to interact with the classic Disney characters. The brunch with characters takes place between 1pm and 3pm and cost € 79 per adult and € 35 per child.

L’Auberge de Cendrillon  does not work as a buffet, and features a menu that costs € 75 per adult and € 45 per child and is best suited for Disney princess fans.

In these restaurants, according to the comments we read on Tripadvisor, the high prices will be justified by the experience in itself of enjoying a meal in the company of the Disney characters. Not, exactly, by the wonderful quality of the food.

#6 Tickets: Prices

Ticket prices vary, depending on the time of the year you are planning to visit  Disneyland.

We visited the park in April and each ticket cost us € 69.

Important!  Buy your tickets online, at least a day before. The price of the tickets at Disneyland is higher. 

We recommend buying the tickets on the Tiqets website  Although the website says that it´s not necessary to print the tickets, we still advise you to have them printed. We printed them at the hotel.

Buy your tickets to Disney HERE

A Must-Read Disneyland Paris Guide: Everything You Need To Plan Disneyland Paris

A Must-Read Disneyland Paris Guide: Disney Illuminations Show

# 7 Don´t miss Disney Illuminations show

At the end of a great day at Disneyland, it starts getting colder and you think you’ve already seen all and even consider returning to the comfort of your hotel. But hold on, just a little longer, we promise it will be worth it to see the Disney Illuminations show, a show with animations projected into Sleeping Beauty’s castle and majestic fireworks. However, we don´t take any responsibility for possible tears of emotion in the first moments of the show.

What time does the show take place? Before the park closes, this is the closing show.

The closing time of the park varies according to the time of the year. When we visited it, the show took place shortly after 10 pm and lasted about 20 minutes.

#8 Disneyland or Walt Disney Studios?

Disneyland Paris consists of two parks: the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios Park.

You can buy a combined daily ticket that gives you access to both parks. But if you only have one day, our advice is that you choose only one of the two parks. And if you have to choose one, of course we recommend Disneyland.

Walt Disney Studios has fewer attractions, only 15, while Disneyland has more than 40. If you plan to visit the parks early and study beforehand what attractions you don´t want to miss, we think you can visit the two parks on the same day.

You can check here all the attractions of Disneyland Park.  And all the attractions of the Walt Disney Studios park here.

#9 Where to stay?

The accommodation options for anyone planning to visit Disney are more than many.

You can do like us who chose to stay in Paris and take a daytrip to visit Disneyland or you can choose to stay in a hotel right next to Disney.

There are 7 official Disney hotels. The most expensive and exclusive of all is the Disneyland Hotel, a dream hotel, located right in the middle of Disneyland, while staying at this hotel you can even meet the Disney characters. The prices of a night in this hotel, depending on the time of the year, fluctuate between € 500 and € 800. Click here to book a night in this paradise.

Another official Disney hotel is Disney’s Newport Bay Club with prices per night ranging from € 200 to € 400. It´s a 15 minute walk from Disneyland or less than 5 minutes with the free shuttle offered by the hotel.

Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne is also one of Disney’s official hotels. Prices range from € 150 to € 300. It has a themed decor that goes back to the old west. It´s only a 20 minute walk from Disney parks and the best part is yet to come. At this hotel you can also enjoy the company of the Disney characters.

One of the great advantages of choosing to stay at an official Disney hotel is to be able to meet Disney characters. The great majority of Disney hotels offers you the chance to see your favourite Disney characters closely. Nevertheless, you should confirm on Booking if the hotel you want to stay offer this possibility or not .

The remaining official Disney hotels are: Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe, Disney’s Sequoia Lodge, Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch, Disney’s Hotel New York.

Suggestions of non-official Disney accommodations, but with a good location and appealing prices:

B & B Hôtel à Disneyland® Paris Vienna House Dream Castle at Disneyland® Paris | Vienna House Magic Circus at Disneyland Paris.

Last, but not the least. Villages Nature Paris at Disneyland® Paris is an atypical holiday resort designed especially for families. This resort deserves at least a day to take advantage of everything. This is a hotel where guests can enjoy 5 themed areas, including the Aquaagon, one of Europe’s largest water parks. The Villages Nature Paris at Disneyland® Paris is only 6 km from Disneyland Paris. The price per night is around 100-200 €. Click here to book.

Disclaimer: It´s a pleasure to provide free information & advice to our readers. But, in order to pay our blog expenses and our vices (food & travel) we placed some affiliate links in this article, which means if you book through one of our links we earn a small commission, at no extra cost for you.


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