Stories from Romania

Stories from Romania


Going to church in Bucharest

Two years have passed and I still remember the smell of rain in Bucharest. When I arrived on a summer afternoon, the sun was burning my face while I wandered around the city. While my feet take another step into this unknown city, my mind started recalling all the things I have read before landing here. “Bucharest or the little Paris of the east”. I certainly remember to read that, somewhere. While I ventured into the large streets of this charming, but a somehow decadent city, I couldn´t see the resemblance. The communist past certainly left a scar in the looks of the city today. An urge to learn more about the city and its trembling past started to grow in me. I was somewhat intrigued with this city and could only think how it was perfect for emerging from its tumultuous past with a strong urban culture.

Suddenly, the burning sun was replaced by a heavy rain. My search for street art was delayed. Instead, I started a tireless search to find the way back to my hostel. Moments later, my eyes crossed with the ones of a local boy. It didn´t take long till he realised that beyond being soaking wet I was also lost. He immediately offered his help to find the hostel, but he also surprised my expectations, with an invitation for accompanying him to church. It was Sunday, he was wearing his suit and tie. I could tell he truly wanted to help me find the hostel but he was also in a hurry to arrive at his religious commitment. How could I say no to such a genuine invitation? So, I immediately said yes.

Not being a very religious person, at home I don´t usually attend church but this afternoon in the church, regardless of my personal faith, this Romanian boy showed me with the kindness of his unusual invitation the significant role of devotion in someone`s life. He didn´t have an easy life. He didn´t always take the right path in his life. Quite on the contrary, but he found his way through the love of God.        


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