7 Coisas A Não Perder Em Novi Sad

The Ultimate List of Things To Do in Novi Sad


Novi Sad is one of the three major cities of Serbia. It´s only 1 hour away from Belgrade. By bus or train, it´s likely to take longer than that.

This city hosts the largest music festival in Serbia, the Exit Festival. If you are like me and never heard of Novi Sad before, it´s quite possible that you don´t know exactly what to expect from this city, nor what are the best things to do. That´s why after spending 2 weeks here I decided to write all my favourite things to do in Novi Sad.

I spent 2 weeks in this lovely city doing SEP in a pharmacy, a student mobility program, for internships. I had enough time to get to know and enjoy Novi Sad, so here are 7 reasons  to include this charming city on your itinerary when planning a visit to Serbia.

#1 Watch the sunset at Petrovaradin Fortress


This was one of my favourite activities, the view from this point is wonderful.

#2 Eat at a Michelin-starred restaurant for less than € 10


Serbia is a fairly cheap country for most travellers. If your budget for the next vacation is a bit tight, this country might be an option. You may even allow yourself to experience things that could be too expensive elsewhere. A good example of this is this restaurant – Maša Restaurant. When you receive the menu you will notice that the chef who prepared it, Boban Ciric, was awarded a Michelin star. In addition, he has won several cookery competitions, both European and national.

During my stay in Novi Sad, I ate at this place 3 times. One with friends, another alone and the last one with Valter, when he came to visit me. I always tried different dishes and never, any of the dishes we chose, cost more than 7 €. There are more expensive dishes, true, but I think that the most expensive dish is around 15 €.

One of my absolute favourite dishes was pasta with salmon and shrimp. It was divine! Valter, who doesn´t like mushrooms, decided to try the dish you can see in the picture and that dish has mushrooms. The meal was so well prepared, that he ALSO ATE the mushrooms and actually liked it.

The desserts also looked like heaven, but we were so satisfied with the food that we didn´t order dessert. A big mistake of ours!

#3 Eat a colourful cotton candy


I don´t know if the lady who sells these colourful little pieces of paradise will be every day in Novi Sad. During the time I spent in the city, I didn´t find her every day, but I saw her quite a few times. On the last day, I decided to give in to temptation and buy one.

#4 Go to Cute Cafes

Novi Sad is full of lovely cafes.

Cafes with ambient music, which also function as a barbershop, like the “The Pub Eraj“.


At Pub Eraj, they offer these lovely heart-shaped cookies with your order.


Or the Sketch Bar which has a charming decor with antique books.


Or the Kafeterija, where you order a tea and, in addition to your request, you´ll get a personalised bottle of tap water and a herb inside. I loved the idea! This space has a good variety of coffees (Kenya, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and more). This is a very nice place to study or work.


The only less positive thing about almost all these spaces, if not all, is that it´s allowed to smoke inside. Which can be a little intoxicating for non-smokers, like me.
At night many of the lovely cafes turn into lively places and bustling with music, mainly at Laze Telečkog street.

#5 Take a walk to Štrand beach


Yes, you can also take a bus to get there, but walking is way more fun. You will find many healthy people doing the same.

This lovely terrace, that you can see in the photo, can be found somewhere near the Štrand beach.

#6 Eat sweet pizza


Ever dreamed of eating a sweet pizza? At the “Pepper Pizza Bar” you can try their “Slatka Pizza” (if I’m not mistaken, that’s the name of their sweet pizza). You also have other pizzas and sandwiches, which are also good.


Pepper Pizza Bar

#7 It’s located between Belgrade and Budapest

If you are visiting Serbia and you have Budapest as your next destination, visiting Novi Sad is a great idea. Novi Sad is located further North than Belgrade, being closer to Budapest. So a stop in Novi Sad will not be a detour.


You can enjoy a day in Novi Sad and make the trip to Budapest on the night train. You will arrive in Budapest around 7am or 8am. The train is supposed to arrive about 6:00 a.m, but most likely the train will arrive late. At least, the 2 times I’ve done this route, it happened. One of the delays was about 3h and the other of 1h. So, if for some reason you are in a hurry to get to Budapest, we don´t recommend you catch a train leaving Serbia.

HOT TIP: Train tickets from Novi Sad to Budapest are super cheap. A one-way ticket cost about € 12 and round trip about € 20. To buy tickets for Budapest train go to Stephany World Travel.

Even if you have any other question about travels inside Serbia or to a bordering country, you can contact this agency. When I needed to go from Novi Sad to Timisoara in Romania, they helped me and came up with a solution.

Have you ever visited Novi Sad? What did you like the most? We’d love to hear your suggestions.


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    Asha Anna John

    15 June, 2018

    This article was so helpful. Thank you so much!! We had an amazing time at Novi Sad.

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      Lara Oliveira

      16 June, 2018

      Knowing that our article was useful to you means a lot to us. Thank you!


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