Sleep in a Treehouse, in Algarve

Sleep in a Treehouse, in Algarve


Who never dreamt about sleeping in a treehouse? We are always searching for unique places to stay. As you can imagine we love the charm that only treehouses have.

We have heard about beautiful treehouses and we were dying of curiosity to try one. However, we have never found one that was located in Portugal.  So, you can already guess how excited we got to know that it was possible to have this experience so near us, in Aljezur.



This treehouse is located in a valley, surrounded by green. It´s only 8 minutes from Aljezur, in Algarve. It lies within a short distance from many fantastic beaches. Lagos, it´s only 30-40 minutes away. It combines the green of mountains with the closeness to the beach. Can you imagine a more perfect location?

The precise directions to get to the site will be sent by the owner as soon as your reservation is confirmed. The directions to get there are easy. As it´s located in a valley, to get there you will have to go down by a dirt road, it´s narrow and curvy.

Sleep in a Treehouse, in Algarve

This is the beginning of the road that leads to the valley


The Treehouse

What makes this treehouse a place like no other is, without a doubt, it´s idyllic framework and all it´s surrounding charm. It´s not only a treehouse, but a magic place, where the path that leads to it looks like a place out of our imagination, not a real place. In the next photo, you can see what I´m talking about

Sleep in a Treehouse, in Algarve

This is the path that gives access to the treehouse

To have access to the treehouse, you will have to cross this lovely wood bridge.

At night, the only sound you will hear it´s the running water of the creek. What could possibly be better to fall asleep than the sound of nature?

All this experience is in full harmony with nature. During your stay at this unique place, your bath will be a hose bath located on the edge of the creek, your toilet will be an ecological one and instead of, running on water discharges you will need only to pour land inside. Also, the light of your night lamps will be provided by solar panels.


Sleep in a Treehouse, in Algarve


Sleep in a Treehouse, in Algarve

Hose bath

In the interior of the treehouse you won´t find more than a big and comfy bed, but what could you possibly need more?  You will have the privilege to be surrounded by nature and to sleep in such a dreamy place, I think no extra furniture and fancy decoration could compare to this. In the inside, you can also find a lamp and one or two electrical outlets.

Sleep in a Treehouse, in Algarve

On the ground floor, lies a little wooden house that it will be your kitchen. It´s lovely and has a cooker, a lamp and candles for the night. You can make a tea while you enjoy the serenity of nature by night, there were some tea packets in the kitchen.

Sleep in a Treehouse, in Algarve


Price and reservations

We made a last minute reservation. As it was so last minute, we were a little worried about not being possible to make the reservation or not having an answer from the owner. We made our reservation  here. It was easy and fast! We made the reservation in the previous night upon our arrival and we waited for a confirmation. In the next morning, we already had an answer to our request with the directions to get there.

Price: 73€/night (it can be cheaper if you book more than one night).

WARNING!!: You can only book this accommodation between June and September.

Besides the treehouse, this property also has a yurt to rent. This time, we didn´t have the chance to try it, but we are tempted to return and try it.


Answering the questions you might have:

Is this a luxury experience?

Yes and no.

What could be more luxurious than having the unique opportunity of turning a dream into reality, sleeping in such a green and bucolic environment?

However, it´s important to keep in mind that this is an accommodation that favors the respect for mother nature. Therefore, do not expect a lot of sophisticated things, besides the unparalleled sophistication that only nature can give us. In such an environment, there may be a little of dust here and there, but the bed was perfectly clean.

How to climb?

The tree has incorporated wooden steps, but, for obvious reasons, we do not recommend this experience to anyone who has mobility issues.

Is it hot inside the treehouse?

As we live in the interior of Alentejo, where in the summer the temperatures are extremely hot. We were afraid that sleeping in a treehouse could turn into a bad experience, in case the inside was too hot and uncomfortable, but fear not, our initial fears weren´t right. As we began to reach the coast, the temperature was much more pleasant. The house is so well embedded in the tree that is camouflaged among its green branches, protecting it from direct sunlight.

Sleep in a Treehouse, in Algarve

All the photos that we present here were taken during our stay.

Sleep in a Treehouse, in Algarve

Have you slept in a treehouse? Do you know other treehouses? Share your experience with us in the comment section. We will be more than happy to read it.


  1. Reply

    Becki Svare

    11 October, 2016

    What a unique place to stay! Enjoyed reading about it.

    • Reply

      Lara Oliveira

      11 October, 2016

      Thank you, Becki! It was great to read your comment. Our only regret while staying at this charming place was not having stayed for a longer period. It´s such a unique place!

  2. Reply


    4 February, 2017

    This is literally my dream. I LOVE the idea of sleeping in a tree house, and the surroundings look amazing here!

    • Reply

      Lara Oliveira

      4 February, 2017

      Sleeping in a tree house was indeed amazing, but the surroundings were as charming and unique as the treehouse itself. After having this experience I can´t stop looking for more treehouses to try ahah

  3. Reply


    10 June, 2017

    Hello !, the tree house looks wonderful! Very green. Will save the link!

    There is another beautiful tree house just south of Lisbon at the wild coast of cabo espichel. Right on the coast and build around a beautiful centennial Pinheiro Manso Tree:

    • Reply

      Lara Oliveira

      11 June, 2017

      Suze, thank you so much for showing us another tree house. We absolutely love tree houses. This one seems to be lovely!


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